Music Episode Guide


Music Episode Guide

Season 1

The First Gig-Surf's Up (Matt), Theme Song (All)

Battle of the Bands- Lean on me (Matt)

Beat of His Own Drum- Rain (Tony)

Double Date- If It Wasn't For You
(Matt), Heart Don't Lie (Tiffani)

Dream Man- No Song

Friend's First- If It Wasn't For You (Matt)

Guess Who's Coming To Brunch- One World (Tony, Matt & Jenny)

It's a Guy Thing- Surf's Up (Matt)

Mother and Child Reunion- Love is Not Like This (Matt)

Romancing the Tube- Let Me Be The One (Tiffani)

They Shoot Video's Don't They- Everybody's Got Someone (Matt)

This Time- Love is Not Like This (Matt), This Time (Jenny)

Where's Dennis- You Can't Build Castles On Quicksand (Jenny)

Season Two

Jake's Song- If You Only Knew (Matt & Jenny)

Dirty Dog Days- Welcome To The Low Road (Matt)

Ciao Jenny- Must Be Love (Matt)

Wooing Woo- Mama Said (Sam)

Sleazy Rider- No Song

Can't Buy Love- No Song

Vote of Confidence- Leather & Loose (Jake)

Rebel Without a Clue- If it Wasn't For You (Matt) & Standback (Sam & Tiffani)

21 Jake Street- She's Not You (Matt)

The Sly Who Came To Dinner- Love is Not Like This (Matt), Handle It With Care (Sam)

Surfboards & Cycles- The Way We Are (Matt & Sam)

Question of Math- I'm There (Tony, Matt, Tiffani, Sam)

Year of The Woo- Mama Said (Sam)

Bwa Ha Ha Means I Love You- Foolish (Sam)

High Plains Dreamer- No Song

School House Rock- Welcome To The Low Road (Matt)

Save The Shark- Theme Song (Whole Band)

Indecent Promposal- What Will I Do With My Heart (Sam)

Season Three

The Unforgiven- Take it Higher (Mark)

Follow Your Dreams- Whenever I Think of You (Jake)

Tiffani's Gold- No Song

Junior Achievements- No Song

The Fashion Man- Handle it With Care (Sam)

Heal The Bay- Do Something (Whole Band)

Budget Cuts- No Song

Blind Dates- The Way We Are (Sam & Mark)

Yoko Oh No!- Let's Spend Some Time Together (Jake)

The Long Goodbye- No Song

Trust Me- Stand Together (Jake & Mark)

The Princess & the Yeti- Must Be Love (Mark)

We'll Always Have Aspen- Born To Love You (Mark)

Winkle Wicks World- Theme Song Instrumental

Daddy's Girl- Someone To Hold Onto (Tiffani)

Family Tree- No Song

Boyz R Us- No Song

The Treasure of PCH- Anytime (Mark)

Season Four
Babewatch- He's So Funky (Tony)

Rebel Without a Nerve- No Song

Harley & the Marlboro Man- Tough Love (Jake)

Two Too Much- No Song

My Valentine- What Would I Do (Jake)

The Dateless Game- No Song

Principal Tiffani- To The End (Jake, Mark & Tony)

Fallen Idol- Stand Together (Jake & Mark), Too Much To Dream (Jake)

Defending Sly's Life- No Song

Secret Admirer- Do Something (Whole Band), Way We Are (Mark & Sam)

Community Service- To The End (Jake, Mark & Tony)

Old- Never Give Up (Jake)

Operation Tony- She's Not You (Jake)

Woo-ops- No Song

Lorena's Place- No Song

Dancing Isn't Everything- Take it Higher (Mark), He's So Funky (Tony), Let Me Be The One (Tiffani)

Season Five

Stand By Your Man- Whenever I Think of You (Jake)

Shaken Rattled & Rolled- She's Not You (Tony)

Honest Sly- No Song
Mop n Pop-

Diss-Honoured- No Song
Reel Teens- Take it Higher (Mark), Stand Together (Mark & Jake)

Father Knows Bets- Do Something (Whole Band)

Letters From Woo- No Song
Senior Prom- Too Much To Dream (Jake)

Love Letters- Some To Hold Onto (Tiffani)

Graduation- Must Be Love (Mark)

A Band Divided- No Song
The Last Gig- She's Not You (Jake), Tough Love (Jake), Never Give Up (Jake), To The End (Jake, Mark, Tony), So Glad I Was There (Whole Band)


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