California Dreams FAQ

1. Is California Dreams coming out on DVD?
Season 1-4 is out on DVD. You can get them from Ebay or www.shoutfactory.com
Best of DVD is available July 17th from Amazon.

2. Do they really sing the songs themselves?
Yes Brent Gore, Kelly Packard, Heidi Lenhart, Jennie Kwan & William James Jones all sang the songs themselves. Jay also sang on the show- in the episodes 'Vote of Confidence', 'Boys R Us' and 'Follow Your Dreams'. The singing voice for Mark was Zachary Thorne.

3. Does California Dreams have a CD out?
Yep there was a soundtrack for the first season and the also has a few songs on it from season 2. And you can still purchase it on Amazon and Ebay. There was another CD called Anthology but is extrememly hard to find and was only given out to cast and crew.

4. Did they play there own instruments on the show?
Aaron Jackson can play Key's and Drums, Jay can play guitar, Brent can play guitar. And Kelly had a few lessons on how to play bass for the show.

5. What are the actors up to now the show has gone off air?
Jay Anthony Franke- Created, wrote and starred in a Pilot, which is currently in post-production and being pitched to networks. He moved to Australia in 2008 and worked as a video game engineer for a few years. Recently has earned his cert 4 in Land & Conservation and is working for the DPI. 

Kelly Packard- Is married and endorses for the company ropesport. You can find the dvd's on ebay. She also worked on a show called Housewars. Recently her & her family were in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap. She also stared in the TV Movie Stalked By My Neighbour. 

William James Jones- Is still acting, he is studying clinical psychology and has a wife and two children. William just graduated from Pepperdine.

Brent Gore- Has a band called eye electric and has launched some solo tracks check out his official music myspace. The link is on my links page. www.brentgore.com. He is now living in Nashville. 

Jennie Kwan- has done alot of voice acting, guest appearances and stage productions. She recently did a guest spot on Anger Management & Entourage. 

Michael Cade- Is still acting and has made quite a few movies. His latest movie Toby's Big Adventure is in post-production. 

Heidi Noelle Lenhart- Is currently married with two children

Diana Uribe- was starring in a spanish Tv Show called Broken Skys. Check out 
Aaron Jackson- In his off time he speaks to a variety of students about drugs, peer pressure, and many other topics affecting them. Aaron Jackson also works hand in hand with non-profit organizations, such as D.A.R.E, Camp Fire Boys and Girls, Make a Wish, St. Judes hospital, Special Olympics, and the Love Ride for MDA, just to name a few. He can be seen in the upcoming film Coach of the Year which is in post-production. 

The Garrison Family
Michael Cutt- Played Mr Garrison is still acting today and has guest starred on Numbers, 7th Heaven and has had parts in the movies Kiss the Girls & Kill Your Darlings.

Gail Ramsey- Who played Mrs Garrison I am not sure what she is doing now.

Ryan O'Neil- Who played Dennis has had a few more acting roles go to www.imdb.com for more details.

6.How old is the cast?
Kelly Packard (January 29, 1975) -  40
Jay Anthony Franke (May 17, 1972) - 43
Heidi Lenhart (August 22, 1973) - 42
Michael Cade (June 14, 1972) - 43
Brent Gore (June 19, 1974) - 41
Aaron Jackson (June 26, 1973) - 42
William James Jones (August 4, 1975) - 40
Jennie Kwan (September 9, 1973) - 42
Diana Uribe (October 8, 1975) - 40
7. Is the cast dating anyone in real life?
Jay Anthony Franke is married
William James Jones is married with two children
Kelly Packard is married with children
Michael Cade has a girlfriend

Jennie Kwan is married
Brent Gore has a girlfriend
Aaron Jackson is married with 2 children
I heard that Diana Uribe is married with a child but not 100% sure
 8. How can I get in contact with the cast?
They pretty much all have facebook pages here are the links
Heidi Lenhart (Stills)- Private

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