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California Dreams Music

Theme Song (1st Season Cast)
Leather & Loose (Jake)
Born to Love You (Mark)
Do Something (Whole Band)
Everybodys Got Someone (Matt)
Foolish (Sam)
Handle it With Care (Sam)
Heart Don't Lie (Tiffani)
If You Only Knew (Matt & Jenny)
Let Me Be The One (Tiffani)
Let's Spend Some Time Together (Jake)
Mama Said (Sam)
Must Be Love (Mark)
Never Give Up (Jake)
Next Big Thing (Tony)
She's Not You (Jake)
Stand Together (Jake & Mark)
Take It Higher (Mark)
Too Much To Dream (Jake)
Tough Love (Jake)
To The End (Jake)
Way We Are (Sam & Mark)
Whenever I Think of You (Jake)
Someone To Hold Onto (Tiffani)
Standback (Tiffani & Sam)
What Would I Do (Jake)
Welcome to Low Road (Matt)
Glad I Was There (whole band)
If It Wasn't For You (Matt)

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