02/03/2017- I have updated the galleries :)

13/09/2016- Congratulations to Brentley Gore who married his sweetheart Candis on September 4th 2016.
25/02/2016- I have updated the links & cast pages!
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24/02/2016-I have updated the multimedia section and also fixed a lot of broken links!
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I have updated the merchandise page & the cast gallery!
I have updated the gallery!
I have updated the photo gallery!
 I have just updated the photo gallery!
I updated almost all of the galleries!
Jay's Panel at PAX 2014

Watch Jay's panel tomorrow at PAX Live!

Sunday, 11:30am AEST (Saturday 5:30pm PST)Title: I am JC Denton: A Conversation With Jay Anthony Franke
Theatre: Wombat Theatre
Description: Jay Anthony Franke is the voice actor who not only provided the voice of JC and Paul Denton, but also worked on thedev team that created the Gaming Classic, Deus Ex. Please join us as Jay recalls stories and anecdotes of how this Legendary game to be. This will be a 45 minute presentation/interview followed by a 15 minute audience Q&A.
Panelists:Jay Anthony Franke [Voice Actor/ Game Developer]Peter Marshall [Interviewer]

02/05/2014- Sneak Peek of Kelly Packard in Celebrity Wife Swap!
02/05/14- Kelly Packard was on Celebrity Wife Swap last night! Clips to come soon!
 27/03/14- I have updated almost all of the galleries!
28/12/2013- I have updated the Jay Franke, Guys & Cast Galleries!
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01/07/2013- I have updated the William James Jones gallery!
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25/05/2013- Good news for Canadian fans of California Dreams. It is now airing on MuchMusic  7am & 5pm  weekdays!
Aaron Jackson now has an official website. Check it out on the links page!  
01/03/2013- I have updated the gallery!
 26/12/12- Merry Christmas Everyone!
06/11/12- Check out this article by JayAnthony Franke
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More to come!
04/06/12- I have updated some of the cast pages! I will be revamping the Multimedia Section over the next few days :)
04/06/12-Aaron Jackson's IMDB Site says he was in 2 episodes of Spartacus-Blood & Sand playing the character Tarsus. Check out his IMDB PAGE
Check out Aaron Jackson in Biophage
03/06/12- Watch Kelly Packard's Summer Tips!
 Found some cute California Dreams Music Videos!
 Find more listed in the Music Video Clips Section!
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31/05/12- I found this website featuring Kelly Packard and some of the cast from Baywatch. Check it out!
27/05/12- Hi all I have opened a webstore for the site. It's gradually coming along. You will be able to purchase photos, scripts etc STAY TUNED!
25/05/12- We have a few official scripts from California Dreams up for sale. Please email  [email protected] if you are interested. I also have cast and individual photos signed or unsigned by Jay Anthony Franke aka Jake Sommers.
 Got a question for Jay Anthony Franke?
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25/05/12- I have updated the Jay Anthony Franke gallery!
 25/05/12- A very Happy Birthday to Jay Anthony Franke for the 17th of May!
I have updated the layout and added 2 new photos to the behind the scenes gallery! More to come soon. 
Check out the trailer for One June Afternoon with a cameo by Jay Anthony Franke!
01/02/12- I found this old California Dreams promo on youtube check it out!
 More to come soon!

29/01/12- I have started re-adding the clips and the message board is back up! 
27/01/12- Update about Season 5 DVD release- Source IMDB
Guys, finally after over a year since the release of the season 4 DVD, Shout has officially gone on record to say that they have no plans to release the final season of this show due to low sales. 

Please show your support for this show by buying it from their website and posting on the boards! It's only one more season, this show needs to live on as a complete set!  
You can help by purchasing Season 4 of California Dreams or leaving message on the forum.




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